Top 5 Parkour Mobile Games Reviews


There are many types of gamers like Console gamers, Steam gamers, and then comes Mobile gamers. The gaming market has focused on numerous platforms while developing games and Android/iOS is not a kid yet, Android/iOS gaming has increased a lot because of the development of gaming phones like the Razer phone which leads the companies to develop various games and in different genres created Parkour can be said to be really popular because people enjoy doing tricks in the game and here are our top 5 amazing Parkour games for Android and iOS in 2020.

1. Project Parkour

Project Parkour for Android is a fun 3D game that has been inspired by the popular Mirror’s Edge. The game itself has plenty of levels to keep players captivated, but some shortfalls prevent it from becoming a true masterpiece.

Project Parkour
Firstly, this game does feature some pretty fun game technicians. You are given a pile of levels to play through. On each level, you must use parkour skills to collect different checkpoints tokens before you find the way to finish. You will be able to use running, jumping, and crouching skills to make your way over and under different objects. As you are running, you will often be high above the ground. Jumping across objects at a high height can be certainly quite exciting, that’s for sure.

The graphics in this game are not abstruse, but fans of Mirrors Edge should enjoy them. All of the objects in the game are simple 3D shapes and are either colored red or white. The red objects have been highlighted over the other objects because these are regularly needed as a part of the parkour course.

Everything is impressive on a functional level. However, one area that isn’t so smooth, is the control buttons. Whilst there are lots of responsive buttons in this game, a lot of the parkour jumps and tricks take much precision, and this is incredibly hard to do with a touchscreen-based joystick. I’m not sure if the control problem is an issue the developer can fix or if it’s just the result of the lack of accuracy found within touchscreen controls.

Besides the not-so-accurate control system, Project Parkour is an appreciated game and you should try once to run and jump through.

Pros: Cons:
1. Stunning 3D graphics

2. Comfortable controls

3. Movement combos

4. Top-notch designed levels

5. Ongoing updates to deliver new features and content

6. Online high scores

1. Not-so-accurate control system

Link download: Android

2. Vector 2

Vector 2 where all you need to do is swipe up and down to jump, slip and roll your way through each level when the shadow-like hero sprints his way past lasers, dynamites, and other obstacles to get to the exit. Nice and simple, yet unbelievably addictive.

The game doesn’t shake up the winning gameplay but adds a bunch of extra features including armored outfits that can be upgraded to your better chance of survival. Each successful run gives you more cash to spend on items, normally, there is one option to ‘cheat’ by buying extra in-game cash with real money.

You control the player by swiping up to jump, down to slip beneath an obstacle, or left to right to give him a speed inspiration, which seems residual as nobody chases him. The controls could have been immense if it weren’t for a lag in the game’s registering the swipes occasionally. I am getting regularly fried because the game won’t know my swipe down after the runner lands after a jump. So, some contraptions are lethal due to sheer lagging. This is annoying!

Games Vector 2
Talking about Vector 2 without mentioning the graphics is flawed, the game has the shadow style. The main color tone is blue and black, which is very soothing for eyes, all that can be seen on the screen are the shadows of the two characters chasing each other and the strong black high-rise buildings. Models are 3D rendered to create extremely smooth motion to make parkour movements in the most obvious way.

All things considered, I still believe you will enjoy Vector 2 in some field. I recommend you to try it, especially since it’s a free download.

Pros:  Cons:
1. Stunning graphics

2. Amazing sounds

3. Life-like animation

4. Simple controls

1. Sometimes it feels you don’t have control over some areas in the game

2. Restarts after death

Link download: iOS/Android

3. Running Shadow

Running Shadow is a 3D endless running/action game set within a dark hallucination universe. Playing as a thief with a magic gantlet, players will battle the forces of evil and complete missions spread throughout a difficult city.

At the start of the game, our protagonist (a freelance thief called Shadow) stumbles upon a dark ceremony performed by a cult known as the Death Deniers. These freaky freaks want to pardon the evil Old Gods from their prison using a mysteriously magical gauntlet. One of their members touches the gauntlet and is quickly consumed by it, which the Old Gods take as a victim. Not good!

Running Shadow
The game displays an arrow to tell players direction to swipe against enemies, which is useful. But you will only see the arrow if you are in the same lane as the baddie. At times, I found myself entering an enemy’s lane with much little time to read the combat arrow.

Though Running Shadow is a limitless running game, it feels much more like a full-sized console title than typical endless runners. Players select missions from a map screen, each with different objectives and guerdons. Completing these you will get your experience that contributes towards leveling up, unlocking new missions, items, and abilities.

Games Running Shadow
Like all of Game Insight’s titles, Running Shadow is free to download. This one does not use an energy mechanic, thankfully. But you do have a limited number of resurrects. There is no punishment for dying other than losing whatever you picked up during a mission. Using a revive will continue mid-mission so that you can eliminate losing the loot.

So must try!

Pros:  Cons:
1. Stunning 3D graphics

2. Like a full-sized console title than typical endless runners

3. By completing missions you will get your experience

1. A limited number of resurrects

Link download: Android

4. Flip Runner

Flip Runner is a mobile parkour simulator. It offers three-dimensional graphics and a realistic physics model, which provides lots of entertainment for a long time. Our task is to make a series of jumps across the most various obstacles. Each rotation in the air must be accurately timed – to land safely in the designated extent. Otherwise, a painful fall waits for us (so-called ragdoll physics is used here – our hero falls limp and often lands on his face).

Flip Runner
The controls are extremely simple, but to get through obstacles and land safely requires a bit of practice. The next levels bring new locations, new tricks, and a progressively higher level of difficulty. And Flip Runner does not get bored after just a few games.

However 3D graphics are not stunning, some simplifications work just a spotlight – the animations are smooth and we can focus on our character. It is hard to charge something with the principles of physics also used – it is especially interesting to observe how the way of moving and performing tricks improves as the character develops. There are micropayments in the game, thanks to which we can easily buy new characters, skip too troubling levels, etc.

Flip Runner is an interesting and pleasant mobile game that will provide a lot of fun – also for beginners. Furthermore passing the next levels, many people will probably find equally much satisfaction in breakneck tests of the endurance of their character.

Pros:  Cons:
1. Fast-paced endless running action!

2. Power-Ups

3. Super addictive gameplay!

4. Fun effects, music, and colors!

5. Randomly generated levels!

6. Steadily increasing speed and difficulty!

1. Not stunning 3D graphics

Link download: iOS/Android

5. RunBot

RunBot is a free-to-play endless runner from Spanish indie developer Bravo Game Studios with Marvelous Games holding publishing. We have been checking out the iOS version but the game is also heading to Android platforms later this year. The gameplay is a mix of other games in the classification such as Canabalt, Temple Run, and Stan Lee’s Verticus. At the start of each game, RunBot escapes and then keeps running. It’s your job to guide him to liberty via simple touch posture and tilt movements.

Run Bot
Swiping up on the screen helps him jump or climb obstacles. And swiping down makes him roll or slide under them. You can swipe left or right to move across the screen or turn corners. As you perform these commands RunBot executes a variety of Parkour moves to go over the environment. Each run is split into sections and after a Parkour heavy section, you might be free-falling through a subway or using a jetpack to exhale through the air. These diverse modes help keep the action amusing.

There are two different modes to play – casual and hardcore – but the game gets hard fast on both. The more you run the more resistance you face including blocked paths, laser turrets, mines, moving barriers, flying police cars, and drones. Some of these can be passed by activating your recurring shield and crashing through them. Others you can tap on the screen to discharge them until they explode.

Games Run Bot
Graphically the game looks rather nice and it uses a thoroughly 3D environment. There is a nice diversity of obstacles to pass and because of each run being randomly generated the game is different each time. This keeps you continually guessing and makes each run exciting. One area we weren’t keen on is the repeated music but you can turn it off.

If you fancy endless runner titles then you’ll find a lot to like in RunBot. The short runs give it a compulsive quality where you’ll just want one more go. Competitive gamers will also enjoy the Facebook association that they can challenge their friends.

Pros:  Cons:
1. Awesome freerunning moves

2. Stunning graphics

3. Tilt ‘n Touch gameplay

4. Upgrade your Tech

5. Competitive play

1. Finicky controls

2. Repetitive scenery

Link download: Android
There you have it, our complete list of the best free online games. As you can see there are loads of experiences you can enjoy for nothing, and the top free games will keep you hooked for hundreds of hours.  For more free Parkour games goodness, check out our list of Top 4 best parkour games online you should try.