Choosing the best parkour socks – Reviews and Recommendations

Parkour protective clothing
Parkour has a fancy style. Exception fashion, parkour clothing also plays an important role in protection and support yourself. There are lots of risks involved if you slip or fall (which you surely will when training), but even when everything goes right you can absorb much impact and your body will be put under strain. While you might focus on more stylish for parkour clothing like hoodies, pants or shoes, socks are an often overlooked item that can make a huge difference, at relatively little cost. Socks might not seem like being important, the right pair of socks can not only make running and engaging in parkour more comfortable, but also your feet can be protected from blisters, injuring and other ailments. Best parkour socks need to be well fitted with excellent grip. This will prevent them from sliding within your parkour shoe and allow them to hug your feet tightly, optimizing your range of movement.

There are many different choices out there, but I’ve identified what I think are the best 3 pairs of socks for parkour. Let’s take a closer look.

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Drymax Extra Protection Hot Weather Running Mini Crew3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)See more details on Amazon
Injinji Men's Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)See more details on Amazon
Swiftwick - PURSUIT FOUR, Quarter-Crew Socks for Snowsports and Trail Running3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)See more details on Amazon

#1. Drymax Hot Weather Run Mini Crew Socks

The Drymax Hot Weather Socks are designed to mirror performance socks for runners but with slight tweaks for parkour. This sock has extreme sweat protection, allowing you to stay dry even in hot conditions. This makes it the perfect sock for Spring or Summer.

Drymax themselves are a new company, founded in 2018, that produce socks and other accessories. They specialise in creating socks which are dry and resistant to sweat, using some of the latest technology to do so. With a wide variety of very popular socks it’s no surprise they made the list.

Key features:

  • Sweat resistant
  • Great fit
  • Blister resistant

Drymax have created a versatile running sock which has been adapted for parkour, making it the perfect companion for you training.

#2. Injinji Men’s Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks

Injinji 2.0 Men's Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks, Granite, Large
  • Anatomical 5 toe design
  • Superior fiber construction
  • Arch Support
  • Mesh Top design for ventilation

Toe socks have the material encapsulating each toe and the material helps wick sweat away from your skin much more efficiently. When your toes are separated and just aligned, your entire foot can be engaged while running, which should improve performance.

Key features:

  • Blister Proof

The separation of the toes in these socks lowers the friction dramatically. This essentially makes these socks blister proof, preventing anything nasty popping up to interfere with your training.

  • Better Grip

While the sock itself is built with grip, the separation of the toes allows for greater levels of movement. This in turn allows you to physically grip onto surfaces with your toes much more easily. As you can imagine this has many positive advantages for parkour practitioners.

  • Durable

A similar theme for all these socks, but the materials used here mean that this sock is not very susceptible to damage. A lightweight combination of materials gives you a full range of motion but with no risk of tearing the fabric.

The toe sock-fit can definitely take some getting used to, but for activities like parkour, you’ll likely find you won’t want to go back. This sock is designed to feel like another layer of sick and therefore avoid any of the side effects that can come from parkour. A really well-designed sock and worth looking into further.

#3. Swiftwick – PURSUIT FOUR

Swiftwick - Pursuit FOUR, Quarter-Crew Socks for Trail Running and Mountain Biking, Coal, Large
  • MADE IN THE USA: Swiftwick socks are made in the USA, an important commitment we make to our customers and local communities. Purchase includes one pair of socks.
  • NATURAL MERINO WOOL: Made of soft, natural merino wool that wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfortable year-round. Material composition is 67% merino wool, 29% nylon and 4% spandex.
  • CHANNELED UPPERS: Channels release heat and moisture to improve breathability.
  • FLEX ZONE: Half-density weave prevents bunching at flex points.
  • Y-HEEL CONTOUR AND SEAMLESS TOE: Y-shape stitch creates a contoured heel pocket that moves with the foot. Virtually invisible toe seam eliminates friction in the toebox.

Made of a merino wool, lycra, and nylon blend, Swiftwick’s Pursuit Four line achieves the delicate balance of keeping your feet warm and insulated, but not sweaty. They are also long enough to bridge the gap between your shoes and pants, which is useful for colder weather. Also, these are compression socks so they won’t move around, including the cuff.

Technical Merits

Here’s what you’re getting into:

  • Lightest weight, fine-gauge Merino Wool
  • Thin, breathable design
  • Maximum moisture and sweat management
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick drying. Reinforced heel and toe to maximize durability

Hopefully you’ll now have more understanding of the importance of having the right pair of socks for parkour and all of these socks offer a range of features that make them suitable. There are slightly different styles but all of them will allow you to train for longer, secure in the knowledge that your feet are better for it.