Books For Traceurs and Free Runners Training
Books For Traceurs and Free Runners Training

Books For Traceurs and Free Runners Training

Parkour is one of the foremost well-known activities around but surprisingly the history is surrounded by mystery, with no clear time or place where it began. Generally speaking, the agreement was that it began in France with some bold Frenchmen starting the trend within the urban center of Paris. From there, it spread around the world and brought the international scene by storm.

Parkour itself could be a difficult thing to define. It combines elements of varied different disciplines and brings them together in unique harmony. When Raymond Belle first practiced the game it was a part of combat training which, given the movement and actions, makes plenty of sense. But parkour could be a lot more than that, it involves gymnastics, martial arts, and other disciplines.

While parkour grew and evolved it began to develop a philosophy of its own. Freedom, creativity, and elegance all become a core part of parkour and on the rear of this, it grew. Within the early 21st century videos of parkour practitioners, traceurs went viral. Social media attracted everyone’s interest and helped traceurs to grow up and influence more people.

Many people have written books on parkour but the first book on this subject was ‘the natural method’ by George Hebert. This was the inspiration for the course design by Raymond Belle, who later taught it to his child and close friends.

But the primary book was too complicated to be understood by one person and that’s why people have tried to feature their own interpretations, more depth to the topics.

Nowadays, parkour is massively popular, and more people are becoming involved year-by-year. It’s a discipline that takes years of coaching to be ready to move that the question has become; where do I start? This can be where a number of ours must-read parkour books are available in.

List of Parkour Books to boost your knowledge

Here’s a listing of the foremost informative books to examine Parkour to find out about its history, tutorials, and experiences of other traceurs.

Parkour: The complete Guide To Parkour and Freerunning For Beginners

    This guide is all you need to get started with Parkour, seriouslyParkour: The complete Guide To Parkour and Freerunning For Beginners! It not just cover in great detail know-how techniques and movements, it prepares you with a Tracer mindset also. It combines all easy training methods so you should be able to advance quickly and seamlessly.

Check out what’s inside

  • Introduction to Parkour
  • What Makes Parkour Different from Free Running?
  • How to Safely Learn Parkour
  • Parkour Equipment and Gear
  • Parkour Balances
  • Long Range Movement
  • Parkour Landings
  • Parkour Jumping
  • Parkour Vaults
  • Conditioning Your Body For Parkour
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Parkour Resources
  • and much more!

Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness

Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and FitnessThis book has been written by two very successful traceurs who have a prolonged background in parkour, Ryan Ford and Ben Musholt. Ryan Ford is well-known within the parkour world and is committed to a series of specialized parkour gyms. Ben Musholt is another well-promoted traceur but combines this with a backdrop in physiotherapy. Their extensive experience comes through within the pages.

This book, because the title suggests, is all about building the strength to achieve parkour. The goal of parkour is to induce from A to B, but actually, this book won’t teach you any parkour moves. Instead, this book provides you with training routines and strength development techniques that get you able to get out there.

The book makes a variety of links to other training methods, seeing the similarities across the board for gymnastics training. It’ll facilitate your understanding of the important parts of your body for parkour and encourage you to develop a routine for a full range of movement.

This book is completely perfect for anyone just beginning their parkour journey looking to realize the required strength. It’s ideal for preparing your mind and body for the challenges of parkour and fitting the correct training routine. With glowing reviews from readers, it’s definitely one in every one of the must-read parkour books.

The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book: Discover Your Possibilities

 The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book: Discover Your Possibilities!

Consider the last word parkour and free-running book as an introduction to the sports. It not only provides tutorials and training for parkour beginners but also sheds light on its history. How it came to be what it’s, who were its actual founders, and why the necessity for parkour emerged… These items are available during this parkour book thoroughly.

Breaking the Jump

Breaking the JumpJulie Angel’s book approached parkour from an entirely unique approach. Rather than looking just at the practical, breaking the jump gives us insight into the history of parkour gazing at the standard beginnings and initial challenges that were overcome.

Breaking the Jump could be a coming old story based around parkour that appears at the broader implications that may not are considered before. It has some valuable lessons that coaches around the world have assimilated into their training.

Julie Angel is herself a movement coach and has used the history covered in her book to depart this world a number of the wisdom earned by traceurs over time. It’s great for anyone just starting out or anyone who has the experience to find out about the philosophy of what parkour is all about. This can successively help to inspire your performance and training.

The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook

The Parkour and Freerunning HandbookIf you would like to get rid of all the fuss and acquire on to parkour and freerunning training, then this handbook is a perfect choice for you. It removes all the gimmicks and straightway takes the reader to the parkour gym. You begin by learning from basic parkour moves through pictures and descriptions then advance to the more complex tasks.

The best thing about this freerunning handbook is the author has tried to hide each and everything in greater depth. In the end, you haven’t remained with any unanswered questions.

The Parkour Roadmap

This perfect book on the subject is what people actually need for having a grasp of Parkour and preparing for this extraordinary sport. The book opened to me as an excellent collection of necessary gems regarding Parkour and its practices.

One must take this book not given that he needs proper training or workout guidance for Parkour but also if he’s merely inquisitive about Parkour and desires to understand if the game is what it’s like. The book differs from other efforts of the subject because of the explanation that it provides guidance for physical training likewise as sheds light on mental aspects.

Thus, the amalgamation of mental and physical guidance is what makes this book left of the remainder. This book should be considered for beginners to own a foundation on Parkour and even skillful traceurs who have already got enough knowledge of the art.
Palpable to its name, the book is some way to point a direction for people to understand about Parkour and its culture and practice. The book is written down by Henry Max, who by a little question is great personnel within the parkour activity and is well-known among the people acknowledged regarding Parkour.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and it assisted me in some ways, altering several techniques and tricks that I already knew and adding much information to my existing library of parkour books. A vital gem that I totally recommend for readers.

Overcoming Gravity – Second Edition

Overcoming Gravity – Second EditionOvercoming gravity, written by Stephen Low, is all associated with strength training. It’s one in every one of the highest parkour books. Basically, it encompasses a well-defined guide to grasp basic strength training and gymnastic principles. It replies to every question and discussion controversy regarding strength training. Overcoming gravity provides great help to plan the whole training routine.

It provides an excellent piece of data on each part of the workout i-e rehab, nutrition. The best feature of this book is being user-friendly because it helps to plan your workout routine in keeping with your own choice of exercise. What I admired the foremost about this book is that it doesn’t only cater to the concepts regarding gymnastics and its progression but also contains plenty of more related concepts that assist the people in some ways.

Topics like rehabilitation, avoidance, and similar ideas are a serious part of this book, allowing readers to own all the related information. The author of this book holds a bit of information about physiotherapy being a Ph. D within the field he has jotted down several eminent aspects of the subject that are easily picked by the readers and permit getting the advantages of this book.

I particularly enjoyed reading this book plenty and will see the difference that I managed to achieve as a result. Conclusively, I might wish to recommend this book for everybody considers weight management and training. This book goes to answer all of the questions anyone would have regarding the subject.

These are the 7 best parkour books that a traceur should have in his backpack if he wants to be told, strengthen, train, or understand Parkour. These books are as essential as other parkour gear and if the traceur is new, then he might need the best parkour shoes for better training.