About Us

My name is Andy, and I’m a professional parkour reviewer. You’re probably on my website in search of a parkour’s gear that can help make your experience a lot easier and more productive.

My website is an online resource for Traucers, Parkour lovers, and Freerunners. I will bring together the Parkour world through history, news, product reviews and some recommendations, all while also providing the information the general public needs to learn about Parkour and get involved in the discipline.

Parkour enthusiasts are dedicated to the art of parkour. Whether you’re a beginner to the discipline or have been doing parkour for years, you need the best equipment money can buy, and regardless of your experience in this discipline, there’s something for you here at Parkourspace.

Here at Parkourspace, my goal is to provide you with solid reviews of products you need to safely and effectively practice parkour.