9 Parkour films you must watch

9. Brick Mansions (2014)


The latest added to our list, Brick Mansions and Paul Walker’s second-to-last film — hit theaters in 2014. Like District B13 — the original French action movie that it is based on — Brick Mansions features striking parkour stunts. District B13, or Banlieue 13, was widely credited with bringing Parkour into the mainstream and much of the film’s appeal came from its dynamic action sequences that featured parkour founder David Belle and prominent parkour practitioners such as Cyril Raffaelli.

In this remake, Belle reprises his role as a streetwise crime fighter, while Paul Walker plays the role cop that was originally played by Raffaelli. Some reviewers have a concern with the film’s unbelievable plot twists, and despite Walker’s best effort, his parkour skills were no match for the former actor​.

“The action, which in addition to traditional fistfights involves flying through windows and bouncing off walls — and sometimes people — suffers considerably from Walker’s obvious deficiencies as a physical performer,” noted Washington Post film critic Michael O’Sullivan. However, fans of Paul Walker may still want to check out the popular Fast and Furious film franchise star in one of his last appearances, and any holes in the movie’s plot are more than made up for by some truly marvelous parkour stunt work.


With his cult film Taxi (1) and Léon, The Professional are ranked among the all-time French commercial blockbusters, Luc Besson appears to have struck a new vein of box office gold. Yamakasi has tapped into the same young audiences that have made Taxi a cultural phenomenon and profit-spinning franchise in the first place and you can expect no less for the thrill this film can deliver. This film is named after the actual very first group of parkour practitioners who use their skills to rob money from a board of directors to pay for the treatment of a young boy who suffered an injury while trying to imitate them. The film is not just parkour action but takes a look at the responsibilities and dangers that go with practicing this form of exercise in front of an audience that does not truly understand the risks involved.

7.Assasin’s Creed


Assassin’s Creed is a 2016 action film based on the video game franchise of the same name.

This movie is about a company that uses a device called animus to unlatch the history of black secrets. The assassin’s creed game is very good and interesting but comparatively the movie is very disappointing and it is difficult to understand the movie story because probably it has no accurate direction and your interest is not built completely in the movie and I think its sequel should not be made because the action scenes in the movie are very poor and badly captured.

The movie will gain more ratings and priority if the action scenes of the movie are captured well because the action and thrill in any movie are the best parts and they make the movie rating high and these factors are absent in this movie.

6.Prince Of Persia

Another video game adaptation that uses parkour to spice up its action scenes, anyone who has played the Prince of Persia games knows the series relies heavily on parkour, and the movie was stick with the tradition. We get to see the titular character bring many of his signature parkour moves from the games onto the big screen, including scaling walls, running sideways across them, and vaulting from one wooden beam to another. While most of the stunts are done by cascade rather than Jake Gyllenhaal himself, the moves look as good as any other parkour film centered around an actual practitioner of the discipline.

5.The Tournament

With a plot pretty similar to The Hunger Game, this independent British thriller takes things up a notch with a group of powerful and wealthy men who organize a competition for the world’s deadliest assassins, with a huge cash prize for the one who manages to withstand the battle royale until only one survives, to become the new most lethal assassin in the world. The movie is a non-stop thrill ride of sick martial arts fights, freerunning, and inventive methods of murder. Unquestionably a movie that should be on the watch list for action fans.

4.Tracers (2015)

Taylor Lautner was set to be a promising name in Hollywood at one point, and this movie cashed in on that particular moment in time. Lautner stars as a bike messenger who becomes a part of a group of parkour experts in order to pull off a bunch of robberies and earn some quick cash to pay off the debt owed to the Chinese mafia. Lautner is one of the very few Hollywood actors with the level of physique required to do most of his own parkour scenes, and the fight choreography isn’t bad either. It kind of makes you wish we could have seen Lautner’s werewolf character pull off some parkour trick in Twilight.

3.Casino Royale

This movie has a lot of differences from other James Bond movies with little to silly gadgets or nude scenes. Most of the movie binds it to reality rather than floating in the world of imagination with world-dominating villains. It is also one of the longest James Bond movies.

As I said that the movie connects to reality, it means that the hero does get hurt in the movie more than any other of his movies. But still, you would see him doing impossible Parkour moves and in bed with beautiful women.

In terms of locations and scenes, the movie satisfies the users with spectacular views of London, Prague, and also the classic high-speed catch and chase. You can not miss the fight with the Ugandan terrorist while writing the review. In short, it is one of the best parkour movies.

2.District 13 (2014)

Here comes the legendary action thriller that might have brought you to the world of Parkour, the cult movie performed by the founder of Parkour David Belle himself. District 13  is set in a near-future Paris where an entire crime-ridden section of the city has been sealed off and abandoned by the police. Part Escape from New York and part Ong-BakDistrict B13 is considered by many parkour fans to be the gold standard for parkour action movies. Additionally, the fight scenes are choreographed and performed by Cyril Raffaelli, one of the very best in the business, making this movie one of the best action films of the past two decades.

1.District 13: Ultimatum

With the success of the first release, the sequel to District 13 continues the franchise trademark of action, thrill, excitement, enjoyment, brilliant stunts, and great choreography. But when it comes to parkour and action, the movie benefits from a bigger budget, bigger movie set, and more ambitious maneuver. We get to see an army of parkour experts storm a building, led by Leito, using every trick and stunt in the book that can overload the brain of any parkour or freerunning enthusiast with excitement.